First Aid Kit Suggestions

We believe safety and emergency preparedness is every mountain biker's responsibility. To that end, we believe all riders should carry at least basic first aid supplies (and know how to use them), so that we will all be prepared to help each other (and ourselves) when accidents occur. Pre-assembled first aid kits are widely available online or in recreation stores, containing different assortments of contents. The list provided here gives suggestions to modify an existing kit, or to build your own from scratch. The large kit list is intended for coaches, group leaders, or for longer days spent further in the woods, while the small kit is intended for short adventures and minimal weight. Don't want to build your own kit? We have you covered! Click the link below to buy a pre-assembled bike-specific first aid kit made by friends of BCLL.

​​First Aid Acronyms

Acronyms are widely-used in the medical word, but they can be a double-edged sword: they are a great way to transmit information to trained responders and to remember first aid information, but they can be confusing if used improperly or when communicating with those unfamiliar with them. Download the attached list of commonly used First Aid acronyms to help you remember them.

First Aid kits for Sale


​​First Aid PAS (patient assessment system) Card

The patient assessment system is widely used in wilderness first aid and front country first aid. This is our version of the system in a printable format that can fit in your first aid kit or backpack for easy access and review. Download, print, put it in a plastic bag or laminate it....