First Aid kits​​​​

We believe safety and emergency preparedness is every mountain biker's responsibility. To that end, we believe all riders should carry at least basic first aid supplies (and know how to use them), so that we will all be prepared to help other riders (or ourselves) when accidents occur. Pre-assembled first aid kits are widely available online or in recreation stores, containing different assortments of contents. Find one that works for you. Or, see below for a basic first aid kit built by friends of BCLL, that we often use on short rides. Click HERE to see some of the contents we will be putting in it.


We've partnered up with High Above from Bellingham, WA to make our custom First Aid Kit with a high quality water resistant pouch, Made in USA. This small first aid kit contains the  gear BCLL suggests to carry on every ride, with enough room for other supplies you might want to add. This first aid kit is small enough to fit in a pocket (folded), fanny pack, or backpack. 

First Aid Supplies:

  • BCLL Patient Assessment Card
  • Allergy-safe nitrile gloves (size medium) 
  • CPR breathing barrier
  • Roller gauze
  • Celox hemostatic powder
  • 2 x Non-Adherent gauze pad
  • 2 x Diphen antihistamine packet
  • 2 x Asprin packet
  • Mini Sharpie
  • Mini Bic Lighter 
  • Emergency Blanket 

High Above Pouch details:

  • X-Pac Waterproof ripstop Fabric 
  • 2 Internal Organization Pockets
  • Paracord Long-Pull
  • High Viz internals to quickly find supplies
  • Pull tab for quick open/close

***Exact contents and pouch colors may be changed at any time without notice. 

Backcountry Lifeline - Small First Aid Kit

Custom Built with High Above Pouch

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See our Resources page for First Aid Kit suggestions and more.