Our mission is to help mountain bikers and event organizers ride and plan events with safety and emergency preparedness in mind. When an accident occurs, the first rider on the scene becomes the first responder. Knowing what to do if your friend crashes or you come upon another rider in need, can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of that event. For riding that is within an hour's reach of Emergency Medical Services, BCLL’s Basic First Aid for Mountain Bikers
TM is the training to start with.

Basic First Aid, CPR & AED training made accessible
Most riders WANT to know what to do in an emergency situation, but can’t find the time or the resources to get the training that fits their needs. BCLL works with local organizers to bring trainings to riders, in their own communities. If you are interested in bringing a course to your area, please contact us.

Because you’d rather spend your time riding…
By providing only the most relevant and succinct content and instruction possible, participants will be able to complete training, and obtain First Aid, CPR & AED certification within an engaging and hands-on environment. Course topics include: First Aid Basics, Assessing a Patient, Traumatic Injuries & Bleeding, Musculoskeletal injuries, Head Neck & Spine, Cardiac Emergencies (CPR & AED), Sudden Illnesses, Environmental Emergencies, Communications, Incident Command, and First Aid Kits. 

Backcountry Lifeline's First Aid for MTB'ers training is recognized as NICA Approved 8 hour First Aid, appropriate for all NICA coaches operating within 1 hour of definitive medical care.

***CO and ID leagues require a 16 hour WFA training for Level 3 Coaches

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First aid for mountain bikers 


Front country first aid and CPR , one-day course 


"BCLL has the recipe for teaching mountain bikers an invaluable, yet often overlooked, skill set. I can't imagine a more fun and effective approach, their talented crew."
- Jordyn Drayton