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wilderness medicine for Mountain Bikers


Five-Eight Days

​For Pro Guides or anyone on multi-day, remote trips


Single Day Training for Event Directors 

If you're like us, you love to ride. You like to go far and go fast, to push yourself and to shred. Is there some risk involved? Definitely. Does that mean we should all stop riding? No way. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't do what we can to be prepared. Just like skiers and riders carry tools and have knowledge for backcountry snow safety, we hope to set the precedent for mountain bikers to have tools and knowledge for backcountry riding. 

We want to provide you with the training, tools, and technology necessary to respond to emergency situations effectively... and hope that you'll never need them.

All courses are certified by Wilderness Medical Associates International.

Participant Testimonials

"[The training] far exceeded my expectations" - Scott McDonald

"I've already told my friends to sign up" - Tom Hughes

"I took Backcountry Lifeline WFA for Mountain Biking course and kept thinking 'I wish I had taken this course 10 years ago.' I learned so much extremely valuable information catered specifically to the events and injuries we most commonly experience as mountain bikers. The course is designed in a way that is engaging, practical, and applicable for the situations we encounter, whether at our local trails or days from help on a multi-day alpine trip. I would not only recommend, but encourage the mountain bike community to get involved with this program, take advantage of raceday CPR courses, and educate ourselves so we can take care of each other out there." - Bryson Ross

"BCLL has the recipe for teaching mountain bikers an invaluable, yet often overlooked, skill set. While I can't imagine a more fun and effective approach, their talented crew will surely become even more dialed as they reach more riders in more communities!" - Jordyn Drayton

"I always felt that I handled emergency situations well, but after the practical, trail-side scenarios of BCLL, I feel confident that I will be able to make a more helpful impact in the future." - Scott McDonald

"I truly appreciate your collective hospitality, knowledge, and positive energy. The BCLL camp had a pretty damn profound impact on me... I can't shut up about it with co-workers, friends and customers. THANK YOU again." - Jordyn Drayton


Two-Three Day Training

For riding that is 1-2 hours away from help.


Four-Five Day Training

For riding that is 2+ hours away from help.


Single Day Training

For settings in the frontcountry.