First Aid for Mountain Bikers TM


We are extremely excited to partner with the BCLL.  I think we speak for everyone when we say “thank you” to the BCLL, BME, and other sponsors for making this information more accessible to riders.  Knowledge is power, together we are building a stronger and safer future for the sport.” - Mallory Burda, Smith Optics

"I always felt that I handled emergency situations well, but after the practical, trail-side scenarios of BCLL, I feel more confident that I will be able to make a helpful impact in the next emergency I encounter. " - Scott McDonald

BCLL Partners:

Backcountry Lifeline

Education and Tools for Mountain Bikers

Our mission is not only to provide mountain bikers and event organizers with the tools and resources to ride safer, but also to make sure that you have the knowledge to know what to do if your friend goes down, or you’re first on the scene.