Backcountry Lifeline was founded in August 2015, following a crash on Stage 3 of the Big Mountain Enduro Series and Enduro World Series in Crested Butte, CO, in which 40-year old Will Olson died. Will was an expert rider favored to win the series, and to BCLL founders, he was a respected fellow rider, amiable friend, and beloved fiance. His death rocked the bike community, and support poured in from around the globe.

Will was one of FOUR riders who died within three weeks that summer, with several more serious crashes and well-publicized fatalities occurring since then.  In every case, the first person on the scene of these incidents was a fellow rider. In one case, those “first responders” were being instructed how to perform CPR by a dispatcher over the phone, as panic washed over them.

While CPR and first aid training aren’t guaranteed to save lives, they CAN. And when your friend or fellow rider is laying in front of you needing help, trust us you will want to know how to do it.

What we learned following the tragedies of 2015, is that the mountain bike community is different than other sports. There’s a kindred spirit that surpasses one’s own will to ride, extends beyond the race course or trail, and even permeates language and geographical boundaries. Mountain bikers want other mountain bikers to be safe, to have fun, to crush it.

Just as backcountry skiers know snow safety awareness and carry the gear necessary to help a fellow skier, it is the responsibility of mountain bikers to possess some level of first aid training and carry what they need to be able to help each other on the trails.

Please join us in setting a new precedent for mountain bikers worldwide: Get trained, get certified, LOVE YOUR RIDERS.

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